What is the 'Coffee Basics' Important to Enjoy Coffee?

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There are many people who enjoy coffee for a break or a hobbies, or coffee itself is a hobby. For such people, a movie is released on YouTube that explains the points where you can enjoy more coffee if you know this.

The basics about: Coffee

The key factors for having a good cup of coffee are 'type of coffee,' 'roasted and flavored coffee beans,' 'the importance of water,' and 'how to make coffee.'

Coffee beans are roughly divided into two types, one is called

arabica and the other is called robusta . Generally speaking, arabica species are flat and oval in shape, and Robusta species are smaller and round.

The arabica species is a pleasant taste to many people, and the robusta species is more bitter. In addition, because the amount of caffeine is almost twice as high in the Robusta species than in the Arabica species, if you want to drink coffee with a better taste, you may want to select the Robusta species if you want to drink coffee with more caffeine. I will.

Generally, arabica species are more expensive than robusta because they are more delicate and prone to disease. Therefore, when you try to buy coffee beans on the market, if you buy expensive ones, the possibility of arabica is high, and if you buy cheap ones, the possibility of robusta is high.

In addition, coffee beans and flour mixed with arabica and robusta may be sold and can be purchased according to each taste.

The taste of coffee varies not only with the type of beans, but also with the nature of the roast. The degree of coffee roasting can be discerned by the color of the coffee beans: the shallower the roasting, the lighter the color of the coffee beans, and the deeper the roasting, the darker the color.

The shallow roasted coffee beans are called half city roast and city roast, and the deep roasted coffee beans are called Italian roast and French roast etc. It seems that the taste of coffee varies depending on the condition of the roast. Generally, the shallower the roast, the stronger the acidity, and the deeper the roast, the stronger the bitterness.

Most of the coffee bean packages describe the taste of coffee, such as chocolate-like flavor, berry-like flavor and vanilla-like flavor. However, I do not know what kind of coffee suits my taste until I actually drink it. So, at first, try drinking some coffee and buying some of them that you think will fit your mouth.

Water is important for coffee. The water used to make coffee is preferably mineral water or water filtered with a water purifier.

It is best to make a cup of coffee with a cup of coffee. If you are greedy and try to put a lot of coffee from a spoonful of beans, the taste will fade.

A common way to make coffee at home is with a coffee filter.

First, set the coffee filter in the dripper and set the ground powder with coffee beans. Then pour the hot water into a mug of coffee and warm the cup in advance.

After discarding the cup of hot water, place the filter and powder set dripper on the cup. The temperature of the hot water that is perfect for making coffee is 90 ° C, and it is the temperature that was boiled for one minute or so before the boiling of the hot water and making bubbles.

Gently pour hot water into the dripper and wait for the coffee to be extracted for a delicious cup of coffee.

The coffee made with the dripper is filtered with the oil that the coffee originally had


French press is the way to make coffee while leaving the oil of such coffee. The French press instruments can be purchased for around $ 10 ($ 1100) to $ 100 ($ 11,000).

In the case of the French press, first warm the fixture with hot water as with a mug ...

Discard the hot water and set the coffee powder.

Then put in hot water and put a lid with a plunger ...

Wait for the ingredients of the coffee to exude.

After a few minutes of extraction, depress the plunger to separate the coffee liquid from the coffee powder.

The coffee put in the dripper is relatively light and has a pleasant taste, and the coffee put in the French press has a heavy, rich taste. Also, in the case of the French press, much oil remains in the coffee, so if you are concerned about your health, it may be better to just drink it from time to time.